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 Posted by Sheryl Norris at 11:05 pm  Vietnam
May 132016

I was told at the beginning that it takes two weeks to settle in and you know what they are right.

I finally feel like I know what I’m doing and the kids know what I will and will not tolerate. This of course has happened through the kids doing what kids to and testing me to the limit. on Wednesday and Thursday the kids (about 12 of the 27) were the naughtiest they could possibly be and I’m sure it was because I was in the room on my own both days. They hit, spat, threw things, screamed, cried and bit me. If the govt staff had of seen they would have given the children a flogging with a stick. Of course that was never going to be something I was going to do. So next best thing…….I took all the toys off them and left the room. This made them scream all the more. After doing this 2 days in a row i think they got it. Friday they were angels, well not quite but certainly the horrid behaviour stopped.

I get on well with the staff now which makes life a lot easier as well. The translator on my phone works a treat.

The other day a child was rushed off to hospital with a snake bite. Appears to have not been poisonous but made him quite sick for a couple of days. And then another child almost stepped on a snake after that. So they are around!! They said it was a yellow green coloured one. I think they have been disturbed by earthworks that is happening at the centre.

Most days there are visitors bearing gifts for the children. This is usually lollies, biscuits and toys. There is lots of photos taken and then they leave. Yesterday a couple of female monks came to offer prayers and thanks to staff for looking after children.

On Thursday night Justine and l were invited to Ang place for dinner with her family.  She had cooked pork in a broth and neither of us eat meat. Her solution ……strain some of the broth and give to us. Took a bit to explain that pork broth with the meat taken out is still meat!!! There was deep fried tofu, omelette and rice. Pineapple for dessert. She is such a lovely lady and her family are really nice. Their two children  both speak reasonable English. 

Its great to be in Hanoi for the weekend and around English speaking people, and to see Westerners  (would you believe) . And a change of food. Village food is great but limited variety. Hanoi is an amazing place. it is everything Ba Vi province isn’t . Which is not a bad thing. The village life is slow and friendly, while Hanoi is a crazy place. I would certainly not feel safe on the back of a vesper here. In fact crossing the road is highly dangerous and not for the faint hearted. The trick is to put your arm out as if to stop the traffic ( of course they won’t stop) and walk out into the traffic. Don’t stop, don’t hesitate, and don’t change direction. And if the gods are looking after you today you will get to the other side without incident!!!!! So far so good ?

The weather has cooled. It is now a comfortable 30- 32c.

Until the next instalment…….





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