Aug 052013

Even though I set my alarm for 7:15 I am up before 6.  Not sure whether it is the sun riseing or my anticipation of the day ahead.

I was able to ride my “new” push bike to the centre.  It has good tires and breaks but the seat and it’s height is another matter entirely.  Although there are several hills I was able to get there  without too much distress.  Not sure how it will feel this morning getting back on the seat…

At the centre I am spending my time in Rooms one and two.  The mornings are filled with feeding and activities.  Activities are created by the volunteers.  We have a group of Spanish volunteers from Madrid, as I mentioned and they bring passion, energy, fun and MUSIC!!!!  There was alot of dancing yesterday.

Feeding the children is an interesting experience.  The staff feeds the kids while they are lying in their cribs.  Many of them are capable of feeding themselves with a little help.  Of course it takes much longer and is much messier in the short run but it is well  worth the effort.  As volunteers we have the time and patience. (Yes, I said patience) to work with the kids.  I have already seen a couple of them feeding themselves and you can see their self esteem imporving.  No kidding.  So the morning ends.

After a too long mid day break where we eat lunch in a resdtaurant near the centre we go back to the kids for the afternoon.  Again,  we do activities- a walk to the playground.  Do not picture the playgrounds of your childhood or your kid’s childhood.  The eqipment is very old and rusty with the exception of two pieces that are relatively safe.  In fact most of the equipment is rusty and dangerous.  The staff uses it to dry the laundery.

One more thing that I see each time I am there  is the sweet nature of the children.  Obviously they have very little and are not “entitled”.  Not only do they activiely share what they have but they take care of each other.  Did I mention that last Friday we took a few of the older kids to the classroom (which by the way, is not used) and we set them up with crayons and paper.  While there one of the boys had a very runny nose.  Katherine went to get a tissue and while she was out of the room the child next to him took the bottom of his own shirt to wipe his nose.  Yes, I know, not eactly a pretty picture or very sanitary.  However, the act of caring, for me, trumped that.  Ther is an awful lot to learn here



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