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 Posted by Laurie Kanefsky at 1:04 am  Vietnam
Jul 302013

Today was my second day on the motor scooter with Hoai.  She continues to orient me to the culture and language of Viet Nam.  I can now say hello (see above) and cam on (pronounced come in)- thank you.  As promised Hoai was here at 9 am so that we could get to the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum.  I was not prepared for this experience.  The very long lines were moved along quietly and quickly by soldiers dressed in white.  No cameras or phones allowed.  The mood is serious and respectful.  Once inside the stone structure it is very cool.  The body is embalmed and resting peacefully in a glass enclosure.  According to Hoai,  this experience is very important to the Vietnamese people, particularly those from the north.  From the masoleum we visited the museum and the gardens.  We also saw the home that Ho Chi Minh lived in. The museum was interesting.  Of particular interest was the perspective presented of the American war.

From there we went to the Women’s museum.  There are several floor each with a different focus.  They covered the women’s role in the family as well as their role in war. When we left the museum Hoai took me to a noodle shop where you sit on very low stools and eat on the street, literally.  We ate traditional rice noodles with meat,fish and broth.  Very delicious.  By the time Hoai delivered me back to my hotel I was pleased to have experienced (and survived) another day on the back of a motor scooter.


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