Aug 072013

The day at the centre was busy as always.  The heat and humidity were at an all time high and we all seemed to be moving in very slow motion.  Even the energetic Spanish volunteers were less energized and playing softer slower music.

The weather in Viet Nam is a tru force of nature.  After lunch we returned to the center in brutal sun and humidity.  At about 3:45 the skys literally opened up with pouring rain and gusty winds.  Of interest is that the children rather than being frightened of this were delighted.  Smiling and laughing and enjoying the experience.

In contrast, I  was not so delighted.  We had to bike back to the hotel in the downpour with thunder and lightening.  Unfortunately my trusty Hanoi poncho was not able to keep me even relatively dry.  There goes another day in another world.  Not sure what the lesson here is but I am definitely learning to go with the flow.  Let’s see if it sticks when I return to New York.



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