Aug 022013

Once again the words to describe my first day at the centre will not begin to describe the actual experience.  Despite the challenging circumstances of the children  the volunteers, and there are many this week bring alot of energy and love to the children.  There are over 300 residents and only about 25 staff.  So the volunteers are not only welcomed they are fully utilized.  Imagine 25 infants crying and needing to be fed and changed and having only 3-4 sets of hands.  Many of the babies are disabled, blind, cerebal palsey, various deformities.  All of them are beautiful and of course love to be held and talked to. So after a tour of all the different areas I found my self spending the morning in the nursery feeding holding and changing many diapers.  Funny how fast that skill returns to you.  The volunteers thake a lunch/break and walk to a restaurant and cafe until they return for the afternoon.  I have been very lucky.  The group that was here when I arrived is an energetic and friendly mis.  We have 9 young people from Madrid.  They are all in there mid to late 20’s and professionals who take their holidays to travel and volunteer.  For many of them this is not the first time they have done this.  ther is Malanie from Germany and Catherine from Denmark, Toan from Canada whose parents are both So Vietnamese.  He is very special. A post in itself, so let me  go on.

After the break we ruturned to the children.  Both Melanie and Catherine have been working with the older children and have been dedicating themselves to getting some of them moving.  This may sound strange but their days are usually spent sitting in there room on chairs with not physical or mental activity.  So in the afternoon I worked with both of them.  Each of them has a particular child that they have worked with and made great progress with.  I will try to continue their work when they leave next week.  You also need to know that many or most of these children come to the centre with out names or ages.  It is our hope to make all the children feel special.  They are loving and thrive on the attention.  Many of the younger volunteers have their iphones and play music.  Catherine plays this very upbeat Danish rock tha the kids love.   the little boy that Catherine has been working with has deformed limbs ,beautiful eyes and a radiant smile was put in a wheel chair which he was able to move himself and he “danced” with us and several other children.  Again the words are not able to describe the experience.

There is much more but I am probably going in to way too much detail  so I will stop here.  This weekend we are going to the BaVi State Park.  I am looking forward to relaxing and maybe having some time to read before Monday comes.


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