Today was a much quieter day. After spending two very busy days with Hoai I was schedule to meet with Hahn at 2.  That enabled me to have a leisurely  breakfast and return to Kiem Lake for a walk.  I had walked the lake yesterday evening before dinner and it was very different this morning.  In the early evening it was crowded with many people leaving work and tourists.  This morning there were many young children in groups as well  as some with parents and grandparents.  I took many pictures that I hope I will be able to post.  The lake is a few short blocks from my hotel but the street crossing continues to be a challenge.  I have devised two methods.  If I am fortunate to be crossing at the same time as a Vietnamese person I just walk next to them.  This is about a 98% chance of survival.  The second method if there is no one to cross with is to put my hand out and close my eyes and pray! Not sure of that statistic.

At 2 Hahn came to fetch me.  We went to her favorite coffee house and talked for a couple of hours about BaVi and her experience with the program.  Hahn grew up in Hanoi about 10 minutes from the hotel.  As she explained she is living at home as most Vietnamese do until they marry. She will meet me at noon tomorrow to go to BaVi.

A highlight of my stay in Hanoi has been making the acquaintence of new friends.  During my first breakfast Michael and Fritzi were seated next to me and we spent some time talking.  They were going to Halong Bay and returning Weds night to the hotel to meet friends for dinner.  We agreed we would try and meet up. Fritzi is from Long Island and met Michael from Australia in Bali over 25 years ago.  They are married and live in Australia where they have raised 2 children.  Michael’s best friend from childhood Steven and his partner Juha from Finland live in Singapore and they came to Viet Nam on holiday together.  All of this to say we had a wonderful dinner tonight and talked til much later than I have been up since I got here. Now it is very late and I will end here.


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