Halon Bay- Sat-Sunday

 Posted by Laurie Kanefsky at 11:26 pm  Vietnam
Aug 112013

In order to get the bus to the boat we had to leave BaVi at 6am.  The taxi was there but the trip was another harrowing adventure.  Paula, Xi and I were not sure why, but the driver took a “scenic” route to Hanoi that made us questoin whether we would end up there or Ho Chi Minh city!  At one point the driver stopped to ask directions of a bunch of school boys on bicycles!  Crazy.  We did  get there and were met by the tour person.  We them had a four hour drive to Halon Bay to get the boat- Treasure Junk.  It was a beautiful boat.  Very  luxurious with way too much food.  We were able to kayak and go to the fishing village and pearl factory.  The weather was beautiful and we took lots of pictures.  The only downside was the very long 4 hour drive to and from Hanoi but it was worth it.  It was a nice break but we were all glad to get back to BaVi.


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