ANOTHER RAINY DAY!  Taxi to the centre but we tried to bring the music and dancing indoors.  I have settled into a routine with several of the children in room 1 and 2.  We have an eating group.  Several of the kids that are able to feed themselves mixed with a couple that need to be fed.  It is supported by the staff who continue to feed the remaining children lying in their cribs.  We set up a straw mat and


and it is a very relaxing time for me and the kids that are feeding themselves are so proud of of themselves.

Mid morning the volunteers were invited to a party with some of the older children and staff.  There was a big spread of food and music.  Following the party we made our way to the restaurant for lunch.  The rain seemed to be lighting up ans when we came back we stopped in at the older girls room.  They have been making beautiful jewelry that they are selling.  Several of the girls have both physical and emotional handicaps but they have a really good handle on the “business”.  One of the residents is the business manager and the other girls make the bracelets and necklaces.  I, of course, want to support the efforts and have already  bought several bracelets and plan to bring a bunch home for friends and family.  They are colorful and will always be a reminder of the time I have spent here in BaVi.

In the afternoon Laura and I went to room 4 and took several kids to the classroom including Phan who was once again able to read the english words on the flashcards.  We also had a bunch of toddlers from the nursery piping in.  These little ones are not disabled and are very quick learners.  The time goes very quickly in the classroom.  After we went back to Rooms 1 and 2 to assist with diaper changing and feeding.

Today was the last day for Madeline and the Spanish volunteers.  I was very sad to say goodbye to them and am already anticipating a very quiet day on Monday at the centre. They brought great energy and huge hearts to the children and to all the other volunteers. I know that they will be greatly missed. For me personally I felt like I was with my Spanish sons and daughters since they are all my sons’ age-25-30. So this of course made me miss my kids a little.

Dinner at Tien’s mother’s restaurnat that night was a lively celebration with cocnut wine and singing and picture taking.  Farewells to all and a few tears and many hugs!


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