First morning in BaVi

 Posted by Laurie Kanefsky at 12:14 pm  Vietnam
Aug 012013

Ok.  The posts may be fewer and father between.  I am hoping that I will get the hang of things but the computer here seems to automatically switch everything to Vietnamese so I am taking much longer to get things done.   The trip from Hanoi was uneventful with the exception of a cow crossing the road that we needed to stop for shortly before we got here.  The hotel is on a beautiful lake with the mountains in the background.  It is very hot and humid and since I had not gotten any mosquito bites previously I came down to the porch after unpacking without putting on repellent.  BIG Mistake.  In the short time I was meeting and talking to other volunteers I was covered in bites.  I put some repellent on and now seem to be fine.  I am not the oldest volunteer here but the majority of the others are closer to Jeremy and Jesse’s ages and come from all over the world.  There are 7 young people from Madrid who have volunteered all over the world and they tell me the conditions are some of the worse they have seen at the Center.  They have been here 2 weeks and are very idealistic and would like to change things.  Some of the other volunteers realize that if they can make a difference, however small, it is a positive thing.  There is a child, age unknown, that had the nick name Lazy boy.  Melanie, from Munich has been working with him for over 6 weeks and he is now called Curious boy.  He had not walked.  Now he is walking!  She will be leaving next week so I am thinking  I will try to take over his care.                                                                                          TAM BIET til next post


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