Through the Desert

 Posted by Joy Woppert at 12:30 pm  Vietnam Cycling
Apr 212011


Sorry for the delay in posts.  I didn’t have computer access from Monday morning through Wednesday night and we’ve been so busy! But we are all doing well and loving it here.

On Sunday we biked from the hotel to Nha Trang.  This was supposed to be our 100-miler day, but only one person (Steve) actually completed it.  Have I told you about Steve?  He is a from Australia, 6′ 4″ and all muscle – a biking machine.  It ended up becoming apparent that with the heat and the distance, 100+ miles was going to be hard for anyone who wasn’t going to bike it really quickly.  And if I’m being honest….I wasn’t biking really quickly through this heat. 

You know those rumble strips in the U.S. that are white-painted stripes on the road before a toll booth or a sharp curve in the road?  Well they have those all over the roads here.  It’s not terrible to bicycle over because they are very low, but it is still about 7 – 8 small bumps in a row.  In fact, for the first hour of biking on Sunday, I counted that we went over 92 of these rumble strips.  Wow!  Now a few are fine – but 92?  That starts to wear you down!  I stopped counting after that.

Sunday’s bike ride actually took us through very different Vietnam landscapes…we biked through resort areas, along the ocean, through what felt like the desert (really, it was so hot and open and desolate for hours that I was beginning to think the water was a mirage.), and then at the end of the day we biked through downtown Nha Trang in the city traffic as the sun was setting – GORGEOUS. 

The last 20k into Nha Trang was one of my favorite rides.  Myself, Natasha, and Narelle rode in together.  We had dinner at the hotel and then a few of us went out to find ice cream.  We also wandered around a small market for a bit.

A lot of my day was spent trying not to go insane from the all the itchy bug bites I had received the night before.  And not tiny misquito bites – I mean large ones!  I have 6 just on one side of my right foot and 2 on the bottom of my left.  At the time, I counted about 30 total on my feet, legs, arms, back.  And since then, I’ve also managed to get 4 on my face – believe me, it’s really attractive. not.  😛  That was the last night that slept with the porch door open to our hotel room during the night!  Also, I started using bug spray.  :)

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