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May 162011

(sorry for the delay on the following posts.  Internet access towards the end of the trip made it difficult to complete the posts, but I figure someone might want to read these…either now or two years from now.)

Wednesday morning we woke up to rain at the guest house in Tam Ky, but luckily that didn’t last long.  We biked with Mr. Viet over to the Baby Orphanage.  All the older kids were standing on the steps waiting to greet us.  Naturally, (very tall) Steve ran up to stand with the kids and joke around with them.  The kids always got such a kick out of him.  We all sat on the steps for a huge group picture and passed out ice cream (or maybe it was yogurt) for the kids to eat.  They devoured it!  One of the kids sat on my lap for the picture and we were immediately BFFs.

We got to spend the better part of an hour inside with these kids.  They had a BALL PIT!! Awesome.  The boys seemed to have a blast with that.  There were also mats to play on and some toys.  The walls were covered in paintings and murals.  In the back, there was a room where the babies were taken care of.  How precious they were!  There were a couple that were only a few weeks old, that had just been left on the front steps of the orphanage.  Thankfully there is a place like this where these babies can come and be loved and taken care of.  A bunch of us spent a lot of time in the baby room just holding them and loving them.  It was the best.

Eventually we had to say our goodbyes and we biked next to the Home of Affection and had a FEAST lunch with the kids.  I can’t even explain how much food there was.  Apparently they have these feasts once a month for the kids and they just love it.  They had the kids sitting at their own tables during lunch and when we got up from the tables, they ran over to eat some of our leftovers! haha  We spent some time playing with them after lunch.  Unfortunately this particular Home of Affection was going to be closed and so they are evaluating which kids will be moved to other orphanages or can go and live with a relative.  I pray they can find a spot for each of them.

After the Home of Affection visit, we hopped in the van for about an hour and then got to bike 20km into Hoi An.  This was probably my favorite day of biking because Mr. Khai led us through neighborhoods and back streets and through the downtown/shopping area of Hoi An.  It was really neat to cycle on little walkways by all the houses.  Gorgeous.

We arrived at our hotel (Bach Dang Hoi An Hotel) to a huge banner and a champagne celebration with our bike crew!  This was our last day of biking.  :( Mr. Tuan and Mr. Khai popped the champagne and we took pictures on the front steps.  We also said our goodbyes to our bicycles and trekked up to our rooms for showers and getting ready for the evening.  There was a party to be had!

Dinner was next to the pool as the sun was setting and it was our last night with our bike support crew.  The meal was delicious, the beer was flowing, and Mr. Khai and Mr. Tuan gave us quite the musical entertainment.  Mr. Khai on guitar and Mr. Tuan on the spoons.  Yes, that’s right…spoons.  They sang many songs American and Vietnamese songs and oh…there was dancing!  John and Steve gave a lovely poolside performance for us.  There is some talent there, ladies and gentlemen.  haha

The evening ended with a trip into Hoi An for a few hours with all the cyclists.  :)


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