Mar 092016

BUENOS DIAS ! Good morning everyone ! :) I hope you are feeling great and refreshed and super excited to go to work ! Right ? hahaha Im sure ^_^.

Today is my first day officially on my own without any type of orientation or guidance. Let me tell you something…Argentinians do not have a sense of time. If you say get here at 4…the person could get there at a “reasonable” hour around that number , so in this case any time between 3-5 or even 5:30.  They don’t really plan things out… it’s more of a “whatever happens happens” kind of mentality.  This is very weird for me because I am a person who requires structure and requirements and expectations. I think this change and adjustment will help me though. It will help me be more flexible with myself and others. Even the buses run on their own time so you just kind of have to guess at around what time they might be there.

Today I woke up and practiced my “argentinian” ways for the first time. It feels strange to not be worrying about what time it is… I still constantly look at my watch. It has been helping me stress out less though. I got ready, walked to the bus stop about three blocks away. Took a very bumpy ride to “Las Omas”, helped them clean out the building, took a bus back, got a little lost, finally learned my way, came back home to shower because I STINK ! ^_^ and I am about to make myself some food and shower so I can go to class. Today I will also be going to a Salsa class with Gerard, Laura and Clara and two other friends. I’m very excited ! :) I will update you all on how that went later.

I just want to express how much I like Empanadas, Tartas, criollos…. so if anyone wants to teach me how to make them…especially the Tartas: *cough* V I T A E * cough* It would be much appreciated 😉 . And I mean the salty ones with meat or spinach and cheeses or egg not the sweet ones ! Although those are good too ^_^ <3

All of this talk of food is making me very hungry. I will make sure to update again later. For now im gonna go hunt for food and shower haha.

I miss salsa in my food ,  but I’m excited for the salsa class tonight … Echale  SALSA ! 😛

Yours Truly,
“Esteffy”…Steph…Stephanie….whatever you please haha :)


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