Hola familia y amigos !

Disculpenme por tardarme tanto en escribir !

Hello my loved ones ! Sorry I have been so bad at updating this lately. Its been a crazy couple of days because a lot has happened in such little time. Honestly, I apologize in advance because I can already feel that my english grammar skills are suffering a little bit… Don’t worry, I’m sure my sister will fix that in a couple of days hahaha ^_^ <3  She will get right on that when she sees me haha :).

Anyway, I want to say that I miss you all very much and I will feel such great joy when I see you. I am excited to share my experience and stories with you in person. Its much more exciting when I can use hand motions, make funny faces and accents hehe…

Let’s see, let me try to remember where I left off… The last thing I wrote about was LEON the humping dog hahaha. Mmmm…that happened exactly a week ago ! Wow … I am so sorry. I really have been bad at updating my blog ! That’s good though right ? It means I have been busy :P.

Ok so lets see:

Friday March 11th

I went to my first authentic Argentinian Asado. Meat here is really good. That is an understatement. It’s kind of mean to say but I’m glad the whole vegetarian thing didn’t work out for me before getting here because I would have suffered. Meat and Bread. That’s basically what the Argentinian food pyramid contains. Every type of meat you can imagine….or might not want to imagine, and bread in every shape possible everywhere you go haha. Let’s just say….I might be rolling on to the plane back home. There is plenty of Italian influence here as well so there is also tons of pizza and pasta. yup. yay me for being healthy ! Haha not. BUT hey I wasn’t going to come here and not enjoy the really good food. That would be hateful and just unspeakable ! :D. I was just trying to eat everything because I was being polite ok ?! …Don’t worry mom I’m not THAT fat…my hugs just have a little more cushion now ;). Haha kidding. The walking around me has completely saved me. I don’t think I have ever walked so much in my life. Although now that I think of it, Argentinians are very thin for the most part ! They eat very fattening food BUT they walk EVERYWHERE . If anything I am grateful for my newly found calves of steel :P.

Wow sorry, I got sidetracked with a whole paragraph on food…well thats how much I liked it. Anyway, at the Asado we ate good food but we also played fun German games. Yes, German games. There are so many Germans here ! Not just exchange students but actual Germans situated here. I was very surprised to learn this. The Germans have officially adopted me and sometimes they even forget that i’m not German and start speaking to me in German until I look at them with my very puzzle look of “QUE DIJO ?!”… It’s pretty funny actually, that I came to Argentina (A Latin Country) and got adopted by Germans haha. We also dance a lot of Bachata on Friday and I mostly danced with my friend Julian who is also German haha . However I got to dance with anArgentinian guy that I did not know and I felt like a mop. I mean…I thought I knew how to dance, but he reminded me that I have a long way to go haha… So many turns….I’m still dizzy from it and Its almost been a week haha.

Saturday March 12th On Saturday I was pretty tired from dancing and the Asado on friday but I ventured off to find a ticket to Buenos Aires. First of all, lets just take a moment to be appreciative of our ATM privelages in the U.S. WHAT IN THE WORLD ?! .. Ok so let me explain my frustration. I needed to take money out in order to be able to buy a ticket to go to Buenos Aires. Finding an ATM that functions, HAS money, and is compatible with your card here is like winning the lottery . Yes you read that correctly. ATMs here run out of money. Wait what ? Yes. My thoughts exactly. There is usually one ATM “Cajero automatico” accompanied by a really big line of people. By big line I don’t mean a line that the one that forms outside of In N Out on a friday night. No. LONGER. Longer than crossing from Mexico to the U.S after “Semana Santa”. Yes LONGER. It’s ridiculous. People need money you know ! Anyway, after struggling for hours to get my money ( GIVE ME MY MONEY! ) haha… I was finally able to buy a ticket to go to Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is 10 hours away from Cordoba. I left Saturday night and arrived Sunday morning. I was scared to ride the bus alone because I didn’t want to end up sitting next to some creepy guy or something. Luckily though, the seat next to me was left empty and I slept well enough to have energy on sunday. Also , random fact , I had my first dream in Spanish. I dream in Spanish now haha ! .

Sunday March 13th  Buenos Aires

I spent the entire day in Buenos Aires. I had a full day/private tour. We went to “La Boca” , “El Cementerio de la Recoleta”, “La Catedral”, “La Casa Rosada”, “Plaza de Mayo”, “Teatro Colon”, “El Obelisco”, “Calle Florida”,”El Cabildo”, y la “Torre Inglesa”. It was a great experience though I don’t recommend doing that all in one day. I did it because I had no choice since I am only here for a little bit. However, if you have the chance do it in more than a day so you can really take it all in , and so that you don’t break your legs. My favorite part was “El Caminito” in “La Boca” because of all the tango dancers on the street and the architecture and bright colored buildings. It was picturesque ;).

I loved being able to visit Buenos Aires on my own. However , my bus trip back was a nightmare. I didn’t have as much luck as I did on my ride there and a creeper. A young man. Young but gross and a creeper got the seat next to me. Long story short , there was no way I was going to be able to sleep with him next to me. And I needed to because I had to work the next morning. So I used what I learned from the many stories my mom has told about traveling on the bus alone. I have heard her stories OVER and OVER and OVEEEEERRRR since I was a little girl . Thinking to myself, I will never use this. Why would I ever end up next to a creeper on a bus ? Me ? Why ?… well there you go. I ended up next to a creeper on a bus back from Buenos Aires. I instantly thought of my mom and her saying…

“No te dejes. Cualquier cosa que no te guste cambiate de asiento y habla con el chofer ! Que no te intimide nadie stephanie tu le tienes que decir. Y aveces hasta los vajan del camion por viejos cochinos. Que no te de pena a ti ! Tu dile al chofer. Asi como le decia yo a la Lupita no te dejes Lupita tu sientate enfrente y habla con el chofer. Ponte abusada siempre Stephanie. Tienes que estar muy atenta. Diviertete pero atenta” …

Ok pues… si me cambie de asiento, no me dio pena y le dije al chofer mama jajaja… todo bien. No pude dormir tan agusto porque estaba al pendiente. Pero si dormi un poco.

Anyway, sorry for the spanglish/random language setting switch. It was necessary haha.

I hope you all liked my update. I will make sure I update some more soon. Sending you all a big hug !!! :)


Steph/Esteffi ^_^



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