Saturday at the Sea

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Sep 192015

Since I got here, the children at the orphanage have been asking to go to the Beach.  There is a former volunteer (Lauren) here for two weeks, who currently works for non-profit Mama Hope which does projects with the orphanage and school. She has taken the kids to the beach before, so we agreed we would split the cost (300 cedi which is about $100) for the bus and food and take the kids to the beach.  I thought I would be writing you about the great time that we had, and I do have pictures of the children who played in the water and the sand for four fun filled hours.  But the day ended in tragedy, so it is hard to write about all of the fun that was had.

Many of the staff at the orphanage also went on the trip. Their main role is to keep the children safe, but it is also a fun day for them as well, there was probably around eight staff who joined us for the day. At some point in the afternoon, I was told that they could not find one of the staff, and some of the children said the last they had seen him was swimming in the ocean. The bus arrived to take us back (it is over an hour ride there) but we still had not found this staff member, although many were going up and down the beach looking for him. Eventually it was decided that a few people would stay, and the children and others would go back.

At this point we assume that the sea took him in.  Lauren said that they had to pay the local fisherman 100 cedi and a bottle of alcohol, and they go out and pray and bless the water with the alcohol that his body would be found. He was 47 years old, but with no wife or children.  His other relatives have been notified, and where going back to the ocean town today.

Sorry for writing a sad post, but as Pastor told me last night, this is not too unusual. People die in the sea often, and die in other accidents.  Yes people are sad, but it seems that they go on as I guess we all do.



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