Jul 102015

Thursday July 9

After my Spanish lesson this morning, I took a little field trip out to Jocotenango where the Azotea museum is. I was proud of myself for riding the chicken bus by myself successfully and had a nice time touring the place. It’s a coffee plantation, coffee museum, Mayan music museum, and textile display. Lots of neat things to see. I got to taste a fresh, raw, coffee bean off the tree. It was surprisingly sweet and gooey. The fermentation process removes all of that, so you would never taste it otherwise. They also had a beautiful plant nursery with lots of beautiful flowers. I recognized a few like hydrangeas. a pencil plant, and lantanas, but there were definitely some unique things too like banana trees! The mayan music museum had a nice video to watch and listen to. I like the sounds of the marimbas – the national instrument of guatemala. But there were some clips of Maya music and dance that were difficult to listen to. Sounded about like the junior high trumpet sectionals I occassionally have to endure in my work in Texas…

For a while I confess that I was feeling a little bit lonely. My work and class schedule does not lend itself well to meeting people, but over the past week, I’ve been able to spend some quality time with some really great people, and it’s starting to feel like home. Too bad it’s half over!

Last night was a blast. Sofi, Marisol, and I (the ladies from work minus Prizila) went to a restaurant, Frida’s, for dinner and drinks. It was a great atmosphere with live music, good company, great daqueris, and awesome Mexican food. I think we are going to go out dancing Sunday night. My host brother Joshua is going to take me out Friday. I found out something interesting about him this morning… he was asking for some paper from the other couple that stays at our house. He told me it was the same paper I had. He needed it, saw it in my room, and had already taken it. I responded, “You entered my room?!” to which he replied, “I clean your room!” Wow… did not know a 26 year old guy was cleaning my room… especially one that jokes about me being his “novia.”

Went out for a really nice lunch at La Fonda de la Calle Real with Luisa. Another lovely spot with a beautiful patio and awesome food. I got a plato tipico including a chile relleno, pupusa, rice, beans, cheese, this pickled cabbage stuff, and tortillas. Look for a picture soon on my facebook album! Luisa’s work is really interesting. She recently graduated with her degree in speech pathology and is working to become a speech pathologist. Here, she is working with kids with speech disorders, and while she loves it, she says it’s sad that the kids are not receiving all the help they need. Some only get help once a week which is not enough, and the help that they’re receiving is just from underqualified student volunteers (and even some of the Guatemalan speech pathologists are underqualified). These kids’ families cannot afford anything more.

Friday July 10

The water cut out this morning when I attempted to brush my teeth. I’m told it’s because they’re working on the pipelines. I’ve seen the major work happening in the streets, but I didn’t know it was for the water. They have to dig up all the cobblestone and pile it up in the street, closing the street to traffic. It is an absolute mess. Now, it’s really an inconvenience to be without water! It seems to be widespread too because the water is out here at Maximo Nivel too… aye aye…

Plans for the weekend are going out dancing tonight, breakfast with the Orozco’s tomorrow, barbeque and a stay at Earth Lodge, and some more dancing on Sunday.


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