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Jul 132015

This weekend was another great time. Saturday morning, Nery’s family took me out to breakfast at Cerro Santo Domingo. It is a lovely well manicured art museum and restaurant on the top of a hill near Antigua. We took a shuttle from town to get up there and headed to the restaurant first. After we finished, the waiters came over and sang to us because Saturday was Sijan’s birthday. They started singing “happy birthday” in English at first! Apparently that’s the tradition here. Then it changes to Spanish. After breakfast, we wandered the grounds and looked at the art they had on display. There was a museum dedicated to one of the artists who was featured there. I decided it’s no good to be famous because apparently after you’re gone, people show really horrible pictures of you in your museum. Man, this guy did not look so great…

When we were ready to go back down, we waited for the shuttle. As soon as it arrived, this large group of men appeared out of nowhere and filled the shuttle. The three of us girls (Mr. Orozco wasn’t able to join us at breakfast) looked at the shuttle hoping for a seat, but no one moved. I couldn’t beleive these men didn’t offer us a seat! Mr. Orozco was kind enough to drive up and get us though.

In the afternoon, I had plans to catch a shuttle to Earth Lodge where I would be staying the night. To kill some time, I went to grab lunch and then passed through Capuchinas, ruins of a convent close to my host home. It’s a cool place to explore. My favorite part was this room that had the most amazing reverb I’ve ever heard. There were no signs describing it so I can only assume it was designed for singing. When I found it, I was the only one there, so I started singing. The sound was absolutely amazing. I lingered for several minutes singing. I heard a group of people outside, so I stopped singing for a moment, but then started again, and I think it probably creeped them out a bit – like there was a ghost in the room :) When they came down, they told me, “We thought it was a recording!” and they asked me to sing again. I will try to post a recording on facebook sometime so you can listen too.

At four, I rode up through the hills to Earth Lodge – a beautiful spot in Hato, Guatemala where they grow avocados and run a hotel/hostel consisting of various cabins, treehouses, and a beautiful central lodge. I stayed in the dorm. To get to the lodge itself, the shuttle drops you off and you have to walk about 10 minutes down this steep hill. After checking in, I took a hike to a mirador. There are a bunch of little walking paths that go through green vegetation, past villagers’ houses, through cornfields, and up and down hills. The extremely friendly people of Hato are all over to help you find your way. Many of them enthusiastically wave and greet you. When I arrived to the mirador I had a spectacular view of Antigua below and the three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego, y Acatenango. I enjoyed for several minutes and then headed back to Earth Lodge – I didn’t want to get caught out in the dark.

I found a spot to chill until dinner time and visited with Lilly, an older British woman who has been travelling for the past 15 years. She says she’s seen about half of the world. She does some volunteering along the way. Her most recent volunteer project has been at an animal shelter. Here, stray dogs and cats are a problem. This shelter has about 300 dogs Lilly says! Can you imagine!? Part of her job is to walk them!

Dinner was incredible. Earth Lodge holds a dinner for all guests on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s all vegetarian and very creative. The plate of food was beautiful: Brocco-flower mac and cheese, beet hummus (magenta!), delicious rustic crackers for the hummus, corn bread, salad, and grilled pineapple. Plus a brownie for dessert!

In the morning, I hiked the trail again. It’s a good workout with all those hills! Then at 8:30 I went to the yoga class they offer outside. It was a beautiful clear day for it! Nothing like stretching and looking up to the blue sky, catching a glimpse of Fuego erupting in the distance, and breathing the clean air. I pretty much just took it easy until it was time to head back to Antigua – chatting with people and laying in a hammock.

Sunday night, Sofi and I went to La Sala for latin night. We watched the gringos in the group dance class they were offering and visited until the dancing really got going. I got to dance with several different guys. The crowd and the super slippery floor made it a bit difficult though. I watched some dancing too and WOW… there were several that were just on fire! Wish I could do that! Guess I should take more lessons…


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