Another day and more new experiences.

Morning – I was kept awake last night by music until 6am.  When I asked why Isaac explained that it was due to funerals being held in the village.  So after breakfast, Isaac took me to a couple of places where the funerals were being held. 1,000’s of people can attend one funeral.  All the chairs are lined up about 5 rows deep under large gazebos (black and red as these are the funeral colours in Ghana) around a large square area, with a dj and massive sound systems.  Close family of the deceased sit in a separate building where people come to pay respects to the deceased who is either in a closed coffin or laid out in the open.  I was invited in to one of the funeral buildings and asked to take photos, which I initially was uncomfortable with but they wanted me to so I obliged and was assured this was not disrepectful.  One of the deceased was a woman of 110 years old.  Posters of the deceased with their photo and age are put outside and insder the funeral building.  The funerals can last a couple of days.

One the way to the orphanage we visited a pig and chicken farm.  These are reared to sell at local markets and in Accra (the capital of Ghana).

At the orphanage I helped to offload bags of fertiliser from the a truck using very large bowls and buckets.  The Pastor (in charge of the orphanage) explained that these would be used to grow mushrooms.  This is one of their sustainable income projects.  I did try to carry one of the bowls on my head but it was too heavy so I shared carrying one with Vincent, one of the orphanage boys.  It was another amazing show of how working together they get things done.

Evening – I took the colouring books and pencils for the children to use again.  They love this activity and get totally engrossed in what they are doing.  It is lovely to watch them happily colouring in or doing the dot-to-dots.





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