Market Day – Isaac took me around the market to buy provisions; cabbage, carrots, ground nut paste (similar to peanut butter), smoked fish, yam, plantain, eggs, coco yam leaves (a little like spinach) and cucumber (used like courgettes).

School – Decided to go into the next classroom of 3-5’s.  Had a great success teaching one of the boys to write the number 3.  He started off doing it backwards but after many repititions and guidance he did it.  What a great feeling – this is what it’s all about! I went back to the under 3’s after break to spend some time with them as they kept calling my name and then went to play volleyball with the older boys.  A very exhausting day, but very rewarding and fun.

Afternoon – back to the orphanage.  I took some colouring books and pencils which kept the kids happy for a couple of hours.  The smiles on their faces was wonderful.

Afterwards I helped the girls wash/rinse the dishes and pots.  They are each given chores to do and everyone helps out to keep this community running smoothly.

Evening – Nana, the volunteer co-ordinator, sorted out my phone so that I can use the local network.  Now have access to Facebook and Whatsapp so I can contact my daughter and friends around the world.  Happy, happy.

Feel very tired but in a nice way.


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