So excited!! First proper day.  Up at 6am to get dressed and ready for breakfast at 7am, which was a lovely omelette sandwich.

8am – 30 minute walk to the orphanage, escorted by Isaac, and met by schoolchildren on the way.  There were shouts of ‘Obroni’. This means white person, which I find funny as I am brown, but I am not a black person and this is how they differentiate people, so not offended.

I was introduced to all the teachers at the school, who were all very friendly.  There are about 5 different classrooms for the different age ranges.  School starts at 8.30am and finishes at 2.30pm as it gets so hot in the afternoons.  It was up to me to decide where to go so I decided to start with the under 3’s.  We played scribble on the chalkboards and played with the plastic building blocks and then walked around outside during the break-time with a little one holding each of my fingers.  You don’t know how hard it is to walk with six plus children holding on until you try it!  We are managing to communicate through simple words and a type of sign language which is impressive for 3 year olds.

At 12 noon we walked back to the volunteer house for lunch.  At 4pm it was back to the orphanage.  I sat with the kids and watched tv to let them get used to me.  Sometimes they seem to just want to sit quietly and have hugs.

At 6pm it’s back to the volunteer house for the evening meal. So even though I have to do a lot of walking (2 hours/day!) I don’t think I will lose much weight.  No cooking for me yet, but I helped to prepare the vegetables.





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