Jan 062010

HI! I’m good but don’t have much time to write, My day off is on tuesday so I’ll post more then…it’s very beautiful here and a lot like camping. People here are great. the work is hard but its getting easier now that i am acclimating to the heat and time difference. I’ll prob only be able to email 1 to 2x per week. I’ll be going to the spa on monday night and all day on tuesday. It’s so cheap! They have a beautiful pool too so hopefully I’ll get something more than the farmers tan I’ve been getting. I’m SO excited for some pampering!! I’m pretty much always dirty but it’s not bothering me so much. I have 2 roomates and we’re in a decent size cabin with a bath. mind you, no sink or tub. the toilet thing isn’t so bad really, it flushes, kind of, just by pouring water in the top. my shower was interesting. Not winning any beauty contests thats for sure! I’ve been working with the bears for teh past 2 days. I love them!! you can throw dog kibble in their little mouths through the bars and they catch it. they just sit there with their little toungs hanging out waiting for the next piece. The gibbons are incredibly loud and naughty little things, but also entertaining. They think its fun to pee on you as you walk under their enclosures. One also likes to charge you for giggles. Yeah, funny. The tiger here is unbelieveable i was about 1 1/2 feet from him while he was just laying there, chilling out. Breathtaking. He had a rough life but looks pretty content now. The food is pretty amazing here too! There are a good number of vegetarians here so lots of veg options. I have also met some amazing people. Mostly from England, also Germany, austria, australia and pretty much everywhere else. only one other from the US. Ok, I don’t have much time so I apologize for all of the typos in here, not used to not having spell check to help me out. I’ll be sure to send more on my day off in between spa appts! I miss you all!!


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