Spa Time!

 Posted by Tiffany Werkowitz at 8:33 pm  Thailand
Jan 112010

I just got in from the pool. We’re at the spa now and I got a massage and facial this morning (and a hot shower!!) Not a bad way to spend a birthday! Its amazing. We work really hard at the sanctuary, I’m always dirty, and live in the most basic environment and I’m loving every second. I can’t believe how much this place has changed me (definitely for the better!). I cried for the first time yesterday. While I had seen Meow (our tiger) before, he had just been laying around in the sun but when I saw him yesterday he was coming over to us for a head scratch. He could barely walk. This gigantic, powerful creature lumbered over to us, falling a couple times, but always got back up to try again. He was chained up as a cub so tourists could take pictures with him. He was so malnurished he has permanent brain damage. They didn’t think he would survive when he arrived at the center and Edwin, the owner of the sanctuary, had to literally teach him how to walk again. What makes it worse is he loves humans. After everything we did to him he still loves us. I wish you could see him. He’s so big and intimidating and all he wants is a cuddle.

There is also a gibbon here (a small type of ape) that i have fallen in love with. His name is Bandit. He has only one arm and 2 fingers. He was born in an area that had a lot of toxic waste and was born that way. When they were developing the land, his family ran away but because of his disability he couldn’t keep up. He was thankfully brough to the center. With only 2 fingers he has a hard time grabbing some of the food so I sit with him and tear it up in smaller pieces. The funny thing is he’s the alpha in the enclosure. Its amazing watching him get around but he does it well. I’ll definitely try to get some footage of him and Meow the tiger.

I hope everyone is well and I hope to check in again soon!


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