Hard Work!

 Posted by Kristen Waddell at 2:15 am  Thailand
Feb 232013

It has been one week working and I mean working! Though I have quickly learned that there are no typical days, here is a basic run-down:

6:30am: First feeding and cleaning – The elephants get  banana trees that we cut up with machetes, the leaves of the banana trees, pineapple tops, fruit, and some special things depending on their individual diets. We rake up leftover food for compost and wheel large amounts of poop away.

8:00-9:00: Breakfast

9:30: Second feeding and cleaning

11:00: Bath time! A few of the elephants have ‘lakes’ in their enclosures and can go in there to clean off and cool off. Otherwise we lure them with fruit, spray them down with a hose, and scrub them clean. They immediately throw dirt on themselves afterwards, but that’s just sunscreen and bug repellant.

12:00: Lunch!

1:00: Walk an elephant! Boon Mee will only follow if you have a handful of bananas, but Num Chok will follow vocal commands (something she learned working at an elephant camp most of her life).

2:00: Another shower and feeding and vet treatments if necessary.

4-5: Last cleaning and feeding

6:00: Dinner!

The volunteers also rotate house duty and doggy duty which entails clean up and care for the pet dogs.  All in all, I am usually exhausted by the end of the day, but in a good way that means I’m getting great sleep! The hard work keeps the days going quickly and really gives me a sense of purpose and confidence!



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