Arrival & Elephants!

 Posted by Kristen Waddell at 1:03 am  Thailand
Feb 182013


After flying 18 hrs, passing through a few days, I’m here at the Wildlife Centre!

My driver was waiting right where planned and on the 2 1/2 hr drive we chatted about English accents, Harley Davidson, and the fact that he started out being an electrician (an occupation he loved) but being a driver was more profitable. Then he asked if I liked Bon Jovi and put on an entire concert on the DVD player that came out of the dash.

I went through the tour (led by Ana who is on her second stay and here indefinitely-so brave!), met the 20 or so other volunteers, had a delicious dinner, and managed to shower, figure out the toilet, unpack, and set up my mosquito netting before collapsing into an exhausted sleep from 8pm-5am.  I think I’ve reset my internal clock and am ready to work! It is hot, but beautiful and I love hearing the gibbons and other wildlife throughout the day and night.


I walked an elephant today (See Puak). Even though they have fairly large enclosures, elephants are used to treking pretty long distances through the forest. She was somewhat reluctant to go, but on the way back we had to run to keep up with her! We feed them three times a day along with picking up their poop (yes, a wheelbarrow is necessary as you might imagine).  Every other day we either compost waste or harvest banana stalks and leaves which are their primary foods.

There are currently 8 elephants and… exciting news… a baby elephant might be rescued and brought to the center tomorrow!



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