I’m melting.

 Posted by Carter Faison at 11:51 am  Thailand
Jun 212007

Hua Hin is really a fun town, but once you check out of your guest house all you do is sweat and stink. You can jump in the ocean, but all that does is coat you in a salty film. So, I’m trying to cool down while Connor and David get a Thai Massage down the street.

Last night we left the centre at about 7, checked into the hotel, and started drinking heavily. We had dinner at some itilian restaurant which gave my stomach a bit of a problem. After the oiliest pizza I have ever eaten, we headed to the Hilton Bar for a few beers and bought the 18 year old a tequilla shooter. Then we headed to the Irish Pub down the street where we started drinking New Castle – which apparently impressed the owner enough to come and introduce himself and give us his life story, literally from beginning to end. At this point I had already had a bit too much to drink and was deathly tired from the festivities at the centre so at about 12 I headed back to the guest house. Connor and David apparently stayed out until three, met some nice Thai girls – and not the kind you are thinking of – and we are set to meet them around one on the beach. At about 7, the rest of the volunteers come into town and the debauchery begins again. Not looking foward to my 6:30 AM job tomorrow morning…

At the centre things have quieted down after the langur death and the situation with Poppy – who had a still born cub. It seems like everyone will be leaving this weekend and it will be hard to say goodbye to some of the friends I’ve made.

Lately I’ve been on special diets during the day. It involves preparing food for the special animals in quarintine and the animals who don’t eat the typical primate diets (the langurs, loris’, the horn bills, civets, binturang, iguanas, leopard cats, and the baby macaques. Speaking of the babies, there are two very young macaques (the stumptail we gave a special name because he takes to suckling on his private areas as often as possible) and their foster mom Bandit – who only has one arm, no legs, and two fingers. But with all those handicaps she seems to keep them in line.

We just got a new macaque rescued from a school near Bangkok and are in the works of getting three new sun bears, a porcupine, and maybe some more mouse deer.

I will be leaving the centre one week from today and although I do miss flushing toilets, AC, not smelling like a foot 24 hours a day, and washing machines… I am really, truely going to miss it. I have made so many new friends that will be really hard to say goodbye to.

Well I am off to maybe take a nap. The last few nights have really dampened my sleep pattern – working on about 5 hours of sleep a night. Then it’s off to the beach and maybe a thai massage this afternoon.

I miss you all and can’t wait to share this experience with you when I get home.



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