Jun 172014

Part of the research work happening here is keeping close tabs on the very endangered cheetahs. Karongwe has two male cheetahs on the reserve and it is important to monitor them on a daily basis.  Sometimes we find them near the road, but most days they are in the bush out of sight. So, to actually get a visual you have to walk into the dense bush and find them. Using the telemetry tracking signals we can get a general area, and then on lucky days, you can walk back to them. I got to do this again, only this time we got a great sighting of the pair….from about 10 yards away! They just sat there looking at us, then laying down flicking their tails. Beautiful eyes and beautiful spotted coats.   No words to describe how incredible it is to be allowed to share their world and their space so peacefully.   Good news was they had a “full rating” of about a 3 on a 5 point scale, so they were not hungry!


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