Posted by Cindy Gibson at 12:13 am  South Africa Wildlife
Jun 252014

TIA is used a lot around here! It means “This Is Africa” and is the phrase used whenever things don’t go as planned, break, don’t work, etc. You must learn to go with the flow because TIA.  After another breakdown with the generator we seem to have it going today. It’s a big deal as Karongwe needs the power to run the computers for the data, charge radios and charge phones.  Anyway, we are back in power for now. Had a great weekend with a camp out under the African stars. Wow! Amazing sight for sure. Add a few hyenas whooping outside the camp circle and it was a fun night. A bitter cold night but fun. Sunday is a off day in Karongwe so a few of us rented a car and drove over to the mountains. It was nice to see the northwest area of South Africa. Very vast area with few towns or homes.  Saw several waterfalls too.

Monday I had base duty in camp which means I was cooking and cleaning. I don’t mind it, but hate that I miss a game drive.  Tuesday some of us went into town to grab some food for game drive snacks, have lunch and sadly say goodbye to one of the other volunteers who was going to Kruger Natuonal Park for another conservation project. We did get back in time tho, to hop on the afternoon game drive. Glad I did as we found the cheetahs and walked back to see them again.  Never tire of the cheetahs sharing their space with me! Such a thrill.  My morning drive today started with the cheetah boys again, but ended with another special time watching the female lions with the four cubs. The cubs are getting so big and now that they are eating meat, they seem to be getting bigger and bigger each day. The two females are going to be forced to hunt more often for bigger prey just to feed theif growing cubs!


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