Mt last morning game drive in Karongwe was pretty special! Since the  big male leopard had not been seen for a few days we decided to look for him and also for the male cheetahs.   We didn’t get signal for either right away, but did get a report of a female lion walking along the road then into the bush. We went to check it out and found the two female lions and all four cubs on a fresh wildebeest kill.  Having seen them two days ago in the exact same spot eating a zebra, I was fascinated to watch identical behavior. They ate for a bit, turned the animal over, ate some more and then one pulled it about 15 yards away. The other female then scraped dirt all over the area to cover the remains of the kill spot. This helps to cover the smell and delay hyenas coming to the area. The others continued to eat until it looked like they would pop. Lots of resting and sleeping for the rest of the day I bet! As these cubs continue to grow so will their appetites. The two females are going to have to hunt more often and hunt successfully to feed these growing cubs.

We drove further south on the reserve and got signal for the two male cheetahs. We walked into the bush to see the cheetahs resting. We almost passed them up as they are almost impossible to see when they are lying down in the grass. I’m still amazed at how calm they are and how close they allow us to get to them.

Finally we located Tsavo, the big male leopard. He is elusive and likes to stay hidden but we got signal and tracked him to a dry river bed lying in the shade. Unlike the cheetahs, he gives us about 10 minutes then gets up a strolls away. He walked silently and slowly into the tall green grass along the bank before looking back to give us the familiar Tsavo smirk!


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