Jun 192014

It’s been a bit quiet the past couple of days on the reserve. The cats and other animals have been out of site – perhaps that is why we seem to be seeing so many impala! Last night we did find the male lion and had a fantastic sighting. He was sitting on top of a rock outcrop called Sunday’s Rock. He sat there all proud and regal with the sun setting and the wind blowing his mane. He looked beautiful but he made me laugh as he suddenly reminded me of a male model in a Fabio like way! The staff think he is a whimp for a lion so maybe I had the right image!

The big male leopard, Tsavo, is the sneaky one that I’ve taken on as my personal challenge to find! He is no whimp!  He has an implant that allows us to use radio signals to find him. However, the reserve has lots of nooks and ravines that can block signals.  Plus, he will sit and hide, wait for us to pass then trot behind us and look back with a little smirk!  I’ve learned to find him, pass him up, then look back!  He may be on to me now tho as it’s been two days and no Tsavo!   Back out tonight to find him. He’s a sight to see. He is huge for a male leopard and has the most amazing eyes.   He rules the leopard territory in Karongwe.  When he took over he ran out the other male and then proceeded to kill all the leopard cubs (big cats do this so the females will only have cubs that belong to the alpha male).  His quick and efficient elimination of the cubs earned him his name, Tsavo, which means the butcher.   I never tire of watching him walk through the tall grass. He is sleek and just blends in as he moves low to the ground.  Hoping to change our luck and find the big guy tonight!


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