Jun 082014

I’m settling into life in Karongwe. It’s beautiful in South Africa in winter but it is a bit cold in the mornings and evenings, I had to go into town to buy a warm jacket! the base camp is an old farm house and is very basic. Ok, really basic, but comfortable. Sharing this experience with people from all over-England, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and a couple other Americans.  Awesome!  I’ve learned so much already about the predators and the other animals in the area. My first week was filled with classes and a few game drives. I passed the test on Saturday, so today, I was assigned one of the various duties for the game drive. I’m already tracking lions, leopards and cheetahs with the telemetry radio!  The lion pride has 4 cubs, so that’s fun watching the young ones! Walked into the bush to find the cheetahs which was really neat seeing them close from ground level!  Saw some elephants, rhinos, and lots of herbivores-impala, nyalas, waterbucks, kudu etc.Only seen one hyena from a distance, but hear them around camp and see the eyes!  Hope to post pictures soon!


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