May 302014

Arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa late today (Friday, May 30) after long hours of travel.  I’m in familiar jaunts as I’m staying the night at the same hotel near the airport I did a couple years ago when I went to Botswana.  It’s winter here so people are all bundled up even though it’s 50 degrees out. My porter was concerned I wasn’t wearing a coat!  Decided to have a quick bite in my room so the ostrich burger and a fruit salad fit the bill. Now I’m regrouping with my mind racing. I’m so anxious to begin! Watched a video on the plane about lions and when I heard their roars and huffs…well it brought a big smile to my heart!  So tomorrow is another day of travel-about 6 hours north to the reserve and then it’s time to get this thing started!


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