Experienced a different kind of conservation work yesterday on afternoon game drive. Not all work is with the animals. Seems there is always a list of road repairs needed so we drove to one spot and removed a fallen tree from the road. Fortunately it wasn’t too big and was quickly sawed down a pulled to the side. The next task was a little touchy though. Removing invasive prickly pear catus requires heavy gloves and big tongs!

This morning I was back on game drive and had a great few hours in the bush. We tracked the male lion and saw him up close again. He even treated us to a few magnificent roars! NOTHING better than a lion’s roar!  As we were looking for the cheetahs, we heard very loud trumpeting from the elephants. They were not happy for some reason. A couple male elephants were near, but we made our way away from them. As we were driving down the road a large, unhappy female elephant charged from the front left side. We stopped, she stopped and eventually backed off. So, let me just say….that will get your heart pumping! Needless to say, a great day in Karongwe!


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