Jun 122014

Big excitement at camp as the water heater part needed was identified and installed. You never saw such a frenzy as everyone was lining up for their first HOT shower in 2weeks!  Elephants are still in area near camp. I never tire of hearing the grumbles and rumbles they make to communicate with each other.  A real treat yesterday  as I got to see the 9 month old female cheetah cub in the protective area. She’s still anxious-looking left and right constantly. She’s had a rough month having witnessed her mother killed by lions and then losing her brother due to stress.   A noisy night as the camp dog, Zuri, was working hard to keep the hyenas away. Unfortunately, her very persistent barking also kept us awake! Ha!  Great drive this morning learning about tracking, the plants and trees and the land. The reserve is on former cattle farms so the land has been really destroyed. Now the conservation efforts are in place to help the land recover. Hope to find the big male leopard tonight as I haven’t seen him in over a week.  Hard not to look  for the lion cubs though. So interesting to see them use play to learn their survival skills. Can’t believe I’m at the halfway point of the project! Still loving the experience…..especially now with hot water!


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