Days slip by

 Posted by kreed at 3:43 pm  South Dakota
Jun 022013

Each morning I plan to journal and before know it the new day arrives, so I’ll cover the week!

WOW we worked in the garden, painted the Main, took a weekend Trek and enjoyed Hot Springs!  We cleaned the garden rows to prepare for planting; before planting a Lakota Elder performed the blessing ceremony.  We planted onions, jalapeño peppers, sweet peppers, carrots, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and spaghetti squash, I’m sure I forgot something!  Everyone just dug, slipped, slided, and enjoyed the MUD and planting.  I believe the kids had the most fun and are anxiously waiting for the time to pick all the goodies.

Since this was a planning week so we prepared for a fresh start with a paint party in the Main. Everything looks so bright and inviting…the kids will enjoy.  Big plans are in the works for the first days the kids return.  Exercise activities, reading fun, cooking and eating, and lots of arts and crafts.

The volunteer team was lucky enough to have Tara and her car!  We were able to travel to Rapid City to climb the face of the Crazy Horse monument.  This is only allowed twice a year. Talk about great planning.  We shared a quaint hotel, shopped, enjoyed a walking tour of downtown Rapid City and topped it off with a ride through the Badlands and a refreshing hot springs bath.  Weekend trekking done – getting ready to welcome smiling faces tomorrow.



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