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 Posted by kreed at 5:18 pm  South Dakota
Jun 272013

Time flies when you are having fun, working hard and meeting great people.  Since last I wrote I have met a great group of young people and teenagers from Chicago.  They traveled in a van to contribute a week of their time to service.  Then a group  from Colorado Springs with donations of time and gifts in support of the kids.  To top it off a new volunteer comes with her granddaughter and turns out she is from Utica, New York – my hometown.  I have made many new friends; and Mary and I can compare and share stories about Utica.  We have already identified people we both know.  New friends with new ideas to share are only a side benefit; the real thrill is the kids!  I will post pictures when I figure out how to!  In the mean time, I can say I have witnessed words and actions from amazing little people and “Real Cool” – at least in their own eyes , Teens.  The little ones pull your heart strings with each interaction.  The teens are Just Teens!

The little ones are touched by things as simple as a push on a swing, are captured by taking a trip to the past, future, another land etc through a book, to seeing their work of paint art posted on the wall, to digging in the garden.  I see why people become teachers.  They just show their gratitude all the time!

The name of the game with the teens is Basketball!  Boys and Girls are active participants.  I’ve been on the court with them, shooting MY game, but they are too cool to let me play.  I can’t tell if they are wondering why this old black lady is on their court or if they actually think I can play!  I asked if I could join with a few girls and one told me ” we have a game going on”. I took that as a thanks but no thanks! DUH! I catch on pretty quickly.  On another basketball adventure a teen asked if I had been in the NBA!  I took that as a polite put down and responded; yes National Business Association – we shared a good laugh, then I got the “is she crazy look”

Eagle Butte is a small town and I’m getting to see the kids and parents when I go out for a run.  A 5k let’s me cover the east and west side!  The kids waive when they see me now and they know we are from Main when we visit LTM!


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