Posted by Emily Rishel at 3:15 am  South Dakota
May 172011

Travel day/first night has passed. It is different than I expected, but that’s what I’m here for, right? I met some of the children last night and they seem so sweet. I’m excited to see them again later today. The other volunteers are from all over- New Zealand, Germany, Michigan, New York and Texas. They all seem nice as well. They have been here for very long periods of time.

My orientation is at 9:30 (Mountain Time) this morning. Until the children are out of school they don’t arrive at the Youth Project until 4PM. We start working at 10AM usually, then take our lunch break noon-130. We then prepare for the children to arrive. They stay till 8PM and then clean. Starting June 1, the children will come at 1PM.

The weather is still questionable, but that’s May. This morning it’s pretty chilly and extremely windy!


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