I can’t say I’ve ever had a babysitting experience quite like what happened yesterday. You know, normally you would babysit for a couple of hours or a night and most of the time you and the kids actually speak the same language. Well none of that applied to me, plus as the day went on the number of kids I found myself looking after increased exponentially.
The day started off with me waking up next to the Niwi and her mum as I stayed over at their place and I knew that her mum was invited to a party festival thing in another town. So I started the day off with helping the mum find clothes for the costume and then making breakfast for Niwi and I. Soon after that the fun started as we started playing games with some other kids, taking silly pictures and having dance parties in the garage. Silly me however should have been watching Niwi more closely as she is a very adorable, cheeky five year old girl who tries to test everybody’s boundaries. So when she told me that the toilet at the house where I am staying at was broken, yea I was calm on the outside but inside I was freaking out ! Most people here don’t have toilets so this was something special and I managed to break it! Well not I but the person I was responsible for. So I sent her away to go and okay with the boys and somehow managed to fix the toilet! Ok no harm done I realised it was already broken before and barely holding together as it was. At that point I thought ok this is probably the worst thing that’s going to happen today, well I was in for a big surprise! When I came back to the kids Niwi was crying and trying to run away while the boys were looking at me helplessly. So I grabbed Niwi and put her shoes on, totally forgetting about mine, my tea, locking the house, and basically everything important and went with Niwi to her mum’s house do she could get distracted. Well whilst I was looking away this little bundle of energy started to cook ! In a pot with holes … Spilling water everywhere …which includes the electrically powered camping stove and the power outlet itself. When I realised what she was doing and I took it away from her and started cleaning up the huge mess she had made, she started making scrambled eggs. I started feeling like I was in the wrong universe in junior master chef, but I didn’t allow myself to panic and I just started cleaning up one thing at a time, however when she started wanting to cook pasta and rice and I said no she started screaming at the top if her lungs and she ended crying for her mum whilst I was trying to comfort her and make sure that the electric stove wasn’t going to catch on fire! In the end some kids said they would distract her whilst I could clean, but they were doing a good job at distracting me too, begging me to okay games with them about every two minutes. Well I got most things cleaned up and planned to do the rest later, having no idea when the mum would come back, and I started playing games with the kids again. Niwi was now in a good mood again clinging to me like a monkey and refusing to let go. All was right again in the world.
So we played games and laughed then as it got colder the kids started going home, Niwi and I ate dinner, she took a bath, and her mum still wasn’t back. I tried to reach her but I couldn’t so Niwi fell asleep in my arms crying for her mother and it took all I had in me to not cry too as she was cuddling up to me. Oh yea and the power had gone out about two hours before that. So I could not even finish cleaning up because I, the white girl, couldn’t even see my own hands in the dark. Yea it was pitch black and I was holding a five year old baby girl after such an adventurous day in a house that wasn’t mine or safe and I had no idea what to do.
I decided I would hold her until her mum would come back even if that was the entire night. A while later there was a knock on the door and a familiar voice calling out my name, but it wasn’t the mum, it was her friend! So it turns out the mum was not able to get a ride back home anywhere so she send her closest friend to take her daughter for the night! We locked the house and she walked me home and then took Niwi and also went home. When I arrived at my house I found my host mum preparing food in candle light. She is so amazing! Nothing stops her, however I was exhausted and fully fed so I said I would go to bed, my host dad asked if I needed a candle but seriously after the day I had a candle combined with me was just a disaster waiting to happen. So I stumbled to bed in the dark and fell asleep almost instantly.

The next day the power came back just before 8 in the morning and I went to visit Niwi and her mum and everything was well and good, and I helped finish up the mess from the previous day. Is this what it feels like to be a mum? Well all my respect goes out to all the mums in the world! You have a hard job and you do it very well, thanks mum! I love you :)


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