My name is Pumoso

 Posted by Lisa Kuepper at 9:24 pm  South Africa
Jun 222015

If you know me you know I’m rather clumsy at times, if you didn’t know that…well now you do :) the point of this is that yesterday I went to an Internet cafe in town, because I had to write down so much on my blog and I already had sooooo many things to talk about that my data just wouldn’t be enough! So I got my friend Lindelani to come with me so I wouldn’t get lost and it was very nice of him, because he doesn’t like town very much. We did buy some bread for his grandma and his favourite cookies later though so he was happy. Anyways whilst I was typing away on my blog he was terribly bored and asked me how long I was going to be about every two minutes. The point of this is though that I was writing this really long post about my orientation and then with one click and only 9 minutes of half an hour internet to go I deleted everything literally two sentences before I was finished. What can I say I haven’t changed a bit, except my name, my name is Pumoso.

Pumoso means comfort, and it was given to me by Mushundu my best friend! Mushundu means lucky, and we know that we both are, we are both really lucky to be here, and I will try my best to bring comfort and strength to those who need it. Because over here strength and faith is everything that keeps the community going day in and day out.

To be honest when I first started at the crèche yesterday I felt like there was nothing I could do to help, and that there was nothing I could do for the kids, but after my friend came and visited me at the crèche I realised that I could do heaps of things for these kids. First I gave them the beanies and the clothes that I had brought over from New Zealand, and they were absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed to see them so I want to ask the church that made them if they can make anymore, because sadly I did not have enough at all!
After that I started playing games with the kids that I remembered playing with my siblings and friends when I was little. One of those games we called “Hop, Jump” and I simply found a stick, drew squares in the ground and showed the kids how to jump through them sometimes on one foot sometimes in both.
At the same time the teachers were taking me to the side and teaching me a bit more Venda as the day went on.

I think it’s a beautiful language and I hope I will be able to say a few sentences and maybe even have a little conversation before I go back home (:



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