Jun 222015

So today was my first day working at the Manamani community creche which is just around the corner from my house. At first I was absolutely overwhelmed and I had no idea what to do as all the kids called me by my best friend’s name Mashudu, and they were so excited to see me, and they were talking to me non-stop, and I had absolutely no idea what on earth they were saying to me.

The creche does not have enough money to pay for running water, so the toilet is in a little hut with 10 holes in the ground were the kids have to go to the toilet together without any privacy. Their kitchen, where they cook breakfast and lunch for the children is outside, as it consists of an open fire pit underneath a tin roof balanced on walls that are half broken. There are four rooms at the creche, the room for kids ages 0-1, the room for kids ages 1-3, the room for children aged 3-4, and the room for the butterflies aged 4-5, this is their last room from which the kids graduate and then move on to the primary school which is just across the road!

These kids have very little and their food is very basic, but the teachers try their very best to give them vegetables with every meal. Still the kids are beyond happy, always smiling and laughing and very eager to learn new things.

I admire the teachers who work so very hard to look after these kids, as some of their families live far away so that they can have money to take care of themselves. I was very overwhelmed and only joined in in the fun a couple of hours after I arrived so I am very excited to go back tomorrow and spend more time with the children!!!


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