My Creche Family

 Posted by Lisa Kuepper at 9:40 pm  South Africa
Jun 232015

Today I started my third day at the crèche and I was so excited to go there. I see them as my family as I have been welcomed in like I had been here since the crèche started!!

So this is how my day at the crèche starts: since I try to help out as many people as possible I start helping out in the kitchen by doing all the dishes that arrive just after 9am when everyone has had their soft porridge for morning tea. After that I try my best to help out with preparing lunch, but without all the kitchen utensils we are all so used to and take for granted it is pretty hard! Still I try my best but even though I may not be the best at actually doing the jobs, I certainly entertain everyone trying and I like making people laugh. Laughing is healthy!!
Then I go to hang out with the kids and watch them being taught then I play games with them and sometimes tell them stories (the teacher very kindly translates back and forth) but in slowly learning some greetings in Venda and how to respond! So the kids think I’m fluent and they excitedly tell me story and I just nod and laugh and they smile so I guess I’m doing it right!(:

Some of the teachers have stopped talking English to me so in learning by trial and error if I do what they told me they repeat the word until I can pronounce it and if I do it wrong well they laugh and smile (: happiness is all I need so it’s easy to say that I absolutely love it here!!

Before lunch everyone stands up in a line and the leader sings “leader me follow” and the kids sing “follow the leader” and everyone goes to the toilet, then washes their hands, then they get lunch, after saying a prayer. Lunch always has Pap and then some vegetables and on lucky days, if the crèche has enough money to afford it, some meat.

After lunch time, the kids line up again to wash their hands and then it’s nap time, but as you could guess, they never fall asleep, for them it’s climb on Lisa time (:

These kids are absolutely adorable and they have so little yet they are always happy. I think I’m learning more from them than I could ever teach them. However the teachers like to introduce me to as much local food as possible as they like to say that Lisa arrived skinny, and Phumodso will leave bumpabumpa fat. And yea that is how “Pumoso” is spelled properly, only took me about 4 days to figure that one out.


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