Jul 012015

South Africa in less than two weeks you have managed to steal a piece of my heart that no other place in this world will ever be able to replace! I mean of course the friends I’ve made have a huge part in this and I’ve talked about a few of them before, but it is the culture and the way of life that have completely overwhelmed me! I am just so amazed and fascinated I don’t really know how to put it into words but I wish I had more time to keep exploring and living here. I truly feel like I have three homes now and I am so blessed! I mean how many people can say they have a home in Germany, New Zealand, and South Africa, all so different but they all hold a piece if my heart.

Currently I’m sitting in front of my gate just staring at it and the thought of going through actually could make me cry. But I promised I wouldn’t cry so I won’t (: instead I’m just going to focus on all the amazing memories I’ve made in just such a little time!!

Like this one:
When I first arrived here the Bus I was meant to take to Venda was completely over booked so me and the Zote representative had to hitchhike our way to Venda. It was an experience unlike any other I have ever made! (: but I thought it was funny after the first moment of shock when I thought we were being kidnapped at some point. Anyways along the way we picked up many many hitch hikers and dropped them off at various places. I learned that if you want a ride from a taxi or any random person and you are going somewhere locally, you hold your hand out and point your finger down, if you want to go to the next town (or the one after that) you hold your hand out and point your finger up.

Later on during the week however I realised that I needed to do neither as my white skin seemed to say I want a taxi ride whenever a taxi drive past. All the drivers always wanted I know how my day was going, where I was going, if I needed a ride, and sometimes if I wanted to marry them. Yes, that is something I will not forget, never had I thought I would be proposed to more than once in my life, well at the moment I’ve had three serious proposals that I can thin of right now! So I guess that is another experience I don’t think I will get anywhere else, and please… I am ok with only getting one more proposal for the rest of my life! Trust me (:

I guess another experience is that my usual streak of disorganisation continued a couple of days ago when I went to book my bus back to Joburg and …. All the busses were fully booked, but hitch hiking or taxiing my way was not an option after the first experience I had made of that!!! Sooooo I managed to get a friend and a group of his friends to go on a road trip with me to drop me off at the hotel that I was meant to stay at. To no surprise: no rooms were left, I mean it’s me after all nothing ever really goes according to plan A with me. Anyways my amazing driver made lots of calls and drove me around for almost an hour until we found a place that had a room left. It was a very very fancy place and I’m so thankful that he went through all that effort to make sure that I was safe and close to the airport. Thank you, if you are reading this!

These are just a few things and they are barely the tip of the ice berg but this was an experience that will change my life forever and I am very glad that I did this. It was a huge challenge yes, but I put all my heart into it and I’ve learned sooo much! Now it’s time for me to go home and leave home … It’s the weirdest feeling in the world. South Africa this is not goodbye! I will be back …and I cannot wait!


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