Jun 182015

Since I get confused with am and pm times my feel for what time of day it is, and where the rest of the world is at right now is pretty much gone…

But the over 24 hours of flight time were not only a physical roller coaster with quite a few turbulences, but an emotional one too. I am remember going from just numb and unreal to absolutely nervous and hands down terrified and everything in between in all that time. But now that I have actually arrived I cannot stop smiling! Of course getting my visa by a very lovely man who was singing to himself and trying to stifle a big yawn probably had something to do with that too. Even though it was so early in the morning he was so happy and full of life, and that is what ive noticed already: everyone’s attitudes are so good and happy all the time.


So Even though I’m extremely tired I think I’m ready to take on this challenge! I’m excited; Venda here I come :)


  One Response to “Arriving in South Africa”

  1. Hi Lisa! I really wanted to talk to you before you left but missed out! So glad you had a safe flight over! Enjoy all the new sights & sounds & being in Africa. I think you will love the rhythm & the music & the genuine people. Gary’s Aunt was very worried about you arriving at the airport on your own with strangers coming up to offer you help…you cant trust everyone! But hopefully GVN will prepare you adequately. Go safely. We will be praying for you.You are the bravest girl ever :-)


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