1 Month to go

 Posted by Lisa Kuepper at 1:13 pm  South Africa
May 132015

So, I thought I would take a study break and really appreciate the fact how quickly my journey to South Africa is coming along! I am so excited to go to Venda and spend time with the community in Manamani! I am mostly excited about experiencing their church services and how they differ to the ones I go to here in New Zealand. Personally I have heard a lot about Manamani, because my best friend was there for the last couple of months so I cannot wait to meet everyone she has told me about, the people that have already contacted me over fb and the little kids that are apparently very excited to meet me. I am excited to meet you too! I promise we will have a lot of fun together and we can teach each other songs from our different cultures!! I absolutely love music and I heard music is quite big in South Africa as well so I am looking forward to making music together!
Currently I am in my first semester of University leading up to exams in only a couple of weeks, but I cannot stop thinking about this journey ahead! So if you wanna know what I will get up to on this adventure follow my blog here and hopefully I will be able to tell you all the stories!! :)


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