Time to Pack!

 Posted by Cindy Gibson at 7:52 am  South Africa
May 272014

May 27, 2014 – It’s been quite the journey to get to today – two days before I leave for a month in South Africa. Spending a month in Africa is a dream come true, but spending time in this incredible country AND working in wildlife research, well I have no words. I’m so thrilled to learn more about African wildlife and  to play a small part in their preservation.  When I retired from a career I loved, I wanted to take a new turn, but I knew I needed a purpose.  After much soul-searching and the kindness of many, I believe I may have found a welcome path.  So, I sit here in St. Louis, my gear all spread out on the floor and an empty duffle bag near. Time to pack and get on the trail!  Did I mention the “trail” is about a 24-hour plane trip!  Africa and these beautiful creatures are worth every minute! So, here I go to “be the change I want to see in the world!”


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