May 102015

There is one very special part of my time in Venda that I have not written about because nothing can explain the time that I have had there, and that is the bushveld foundation. The bushveld foundation is the orohanage the other volunteers and I went to see one weekend a long time ago and I think i have written about mother lydia and the amazing work she has done there. Since then I have been back a few times and had a few sleepovers and ended up with a new, very close and very special family. The first sleepover I had there was over easter and I brought a whole lot of easter eggs and chocolate for everyone there(they are no longer kids, all teenagers or older so we gave the egg hunt a miss.) We spent the evening at the church next door dancinf and singinf and then the girls and I spent the entire night braiding my hair with extensions so that for the next three weeks I had brown hair and looked like a colored. This weekend again I spent at the bushveld and what a weekend! On Saturday was mother Lydias birthday and si we spent Friday night makinghrr birthday and momothers day cards. On Saturday, while she was at home thinking everyone had forgotten about her, we went ‘to church’ and brought cake and sweets and chocolates and candles and balloons and crept into the house and set up the entire lounge. When she came into the room we gave her the biggest surprise ever and how happy she was!! At the orphanage, all of my now close ftiends have some incredible stories to tell and all of their lives have been absolutely tragic. They now live together in this tiny house, 7girls in one room, and the boys in another and yet they are one big family. When they go somewhere or do something, they do it together. Walking everyone with their arms linked and, inspite of evertything, they are the happiest, friendliest, kindest people I have ever met and we have the most fun togethrr! When the time came to say goodbye for the last time yesterday, the sadness was unbearable and I left very quickly as the tears began to well up in everyones eyes. I have grown to love the bushveld like a family and, like the teachers at mulumlele crèche, I miss them unbearably already! I have learnt a huge amount from them all and now treasure my own family, especially my parents, so very much more. To end off a brilliant weekend, I spent the day at the orchard with my host mum packing Periperi chillies. On one of my first days here I talked about her as a hard worker. And so as one of my last days I want to mention it again-my host mum is an inspiration to me in the way of working hard. She was out of the house by 6am, I joined her at 9 and by the time we left as the sun went down about 7pm, after working non stop the entire day,;I was long past ready to come home and rest. But it didnt stop there, she packed the periperi in the back of her truck and once we got home, after cooking for us, she continued to pack until she was finished around 9pm! I took a photo and from now, whenever I am working or have to get something done, I will look at it and do like maria!


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