Tap water

 Posted by Chante Cooper at 5:21 am  South Africa
Feb 052015

On the way home on Sunday we stopped at Nandos for lunch and i had one glass of water.  Tap water. Big mistake! I spent the entire night awake with a torturous unhappy tummy. In the morning my host mum gave me some interesting medicine… powdered charcoal mixed with  water. As strange as it may sound,  it actually helped a lot with the pain even though i still felt awful the whole of the day and couldn’t go to the crèche. Furthermore my phone had broken on Thursday morning and i had already made plans to meet in town with Murendeni and the other volunteers.  So feeling unwell and rathee tired i had no other choice but to make the intimidating venture into town alone.  This meant taking the taxi (more like an overfilled rickety bus), something my previous experiences on the other side of S. A made me very scared to do. But i did it and eventually made it home safe and alive,  with a cheap new, phone.  Without outside contact for the few days and being sick, i naturally began to wish mymother here and so began the first few pulls of homesickness. Phone call home yesterday was such a blessing! Today is Thursday and tummy is still sore, however i love eveeything else so much that i manage to simply ignore it, hopefully it come right soon!

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  1. Maybe it was the Nando’s that gave you a sore tummy. Did you have the peri peri sauce?


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