Home again

 Posted by Chante Cooper at 7:22 am  South Africa
May 032015

Today I went with the family in Malumlele to their church. Coming from a Catholic church back home ,and not having been to one for months since ive been in Venda,  when you are a catholic and go to a catholic church no matter where in world you are at home. The mass was the same is usual but with an african twist with african drums, tambourine and lots of music, a mixture of upbeat dancing to beautiful slow harmonies.  I spent the afternoon drinking tea with the sisters on mission in Venda,one from Poland and one from india. Ive begun doing exercises with the teachers im staying with at the crèche and we have a lot of fun together doing it! Today I also cooked for them pasta, “new zealand” food (anything not pap) and did some baking with them, another abnormality.  One of the main things volunteers can bring is just themselves and their normal way of doing things back home because here , in a new culture and place what you normally do,say and eat is  new and exciting and entertaining. So we go to sleep feeling happy and full, with a touch of sadness as one teacher falls asleeps with a picturr of her baby she had to leave at home and the other teacher knowing she has missed out on sharing her childrens childhood as one child turns 12, living for the 6th year without his mother.


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