Mar 182015

Once we got out, we found our drivers gone and so we caught a taxi to messina before catching another one to thohoyandou. There were many more makuwa in Messina and how happy i was to see one! To my surprise how not happy they were to see me! Unlike the people I’ve been around the last few months who smile and greet every person they see, these ones did not even go as far as to give me a smile. Later on a found out it was most likely because the white africaan peoole from around here still have a strong mindset from apartheid, and i was walking with venda people with black skin color. The taxi home took us through many poor, very rural areas and villages as it dropped people home. I couldn’t begin to describe but To give you some idea, the people here still use wooden carts pulled by donkeys as transport.

On Tuesday Murendeni and I went tto the home affairs in thohoyandou only to be told we could not extend visa’s here. I am writing this visatale coming back late on a taxi from the nearest city of polokwane in the dark together with Murendeni, very tired and hungry and hot. We spent the entire day at a visa and permit center trying to apply for an extension and had to make 3 trips from the shopping mall where it was to another, endlessly printing forms and copying documents and typing letters and applications. Eventually 5 minutes before closing time we made it back for the 3rd time and were successful (after the very helpful and friendly vfs worker handed me a piece of paper with his number saying ‘don’t say a word’. I am now allowed to stay in the country for a few weeks until my application is either accepted or denied. What a mission!

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  1. Wow, Shantie……what a tale… Hope it all finally pays off. Saying prayers for you into this situation.
    What are you doing over Easter???
    Had Tyla staying over this weekend. We went to my mom and dad and played games on Friday night, you would have loved it. Been raining over the weekend and it made a nice change to stay in doors and relax. The BnB has been very busy…..Gods richer blessings to us. Love you heaps…xx


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