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Feb 132015

I am currently sitting outside by the gate of our house, watching the bright stars glow way up in the sky, and the lights of the villages in the distance sparkle just as bright and beautiful.  Across the road i see a small fire light up the shadows of our neighbors sitting outside their hut and occasionally a group of people will walk past and call out on greeting to me,  ‘machudo!’ ‘madakwana! ‘. I have just returned from Friday night prayer with my group of seventh day adventist friends, the crickets are singing, their is laughter and voices coming out of the darkness from nearby houses and somewhere i can hear Africa beats playing. Heat is radiating off the ground and the air is still humid in slow recovery of today’s scorching sun. My new friend Lindilani just stopped in on his way home from soccer practice to say hi. Earlier on today we went down the road to visit his grandma and im not sure you could get a more African scene than that.  Set on the side of a dusty road, mango trees surrounding,  her house is the true traditional round clay hut with a thatched straw roof. As we entered she was busy cleaning a big metal pot,  perfect for the stable mealie meal food, she was wearing no top what so ever and had on only a towel skirt and a necklace. We sat with the chickens and their chick’s scratching around and made smaller than small conversation with another old grandma in the limited shivenda that i know. Today i said goodbye to the teachers at the crèche, giving them nail varnish as a thanks for having me, as hopefully i will be starting on Monday at the primary school across the road.  After school i went to manamani shop with another new currently unemployed friend and we printed out his C. V so that we can work on and improve it to then apply for jobs. Off  to have dinner of pap and raro (spinach) and cabbage.. .   Doesn’t sound very exciting but after a few weeks you get used to it and now when we make something normal like rice its actually pretty disappointing!

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  1. Love reading your blog Shantie…so inspiring my dear Niece. You write so beautifully, I can almost smell the dust and sweet mangoes. Hope your tummy is back to normal.
    Had a wonderful time with Kyle and he certainly enjoyed his stay with us at Avoca Lodge. Thank you so much for referring him on to us.. ???? I got to meet Chief and gave him some business cards.
    Let me know when you get homesick…..we will come and visit. Love you lots


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