Day 1

 Posted by Miriam Apter at 10:32 pm  Rwanda
May 312012

5/30/12 5:00 PM


You know your standards have changed in the span of 24 hours when three days old is fresh, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (that’s 3 days old) is the most substantial and delicious meal you could hope for, and when you are looking forward to your bucket shower.

Well. Landed at about 1am, my flight from JFK toIstanbulwas delayed so I had to sprint and fight my way through to get to my connecting flight on time. Turns out my luggage doesn’t sprint and push as well as I do, and didn’t make it toKigaliwith my. After I waited in the one room airport at the single luggage belt conveyer, and watched the same 6 pieces of luggage pass, someone from the airport came up to me and asked (or rather played charades) about my bags. I flailed my hands in ways which seemed to indicate that my luggage wasn’t there, so he took my tickets and went out a back door which took him onto the runway, I guess to make sure it wasn’t let in a corner of the very small cargo of the very small plane. Then I went to the office. They had computers there but it didn’t look like they were ever used, and without speaking the same language I somehow manage to describe my luggage to him, and filled out a triplicate form. One of the other 5 people on line for lost luggage (it seems they aren’t so good with getting your luggage to come with you when you travel toRwanda-no one seemed concerned) translated for me that he would call tomorrow and a number that I can call and check.

They didn’t call, but I called today and they said they had it. Luckily I had a change of clothes and some Nutter Butters in my hand luggage. I saved my PB and J for dinner. Someone is going to take me to the airport to pick up my luggage soon.

I am in a temporary place now, in one volunteer center until Sunday and then I move to one closer to where I am working.

This one is nice, my mosquito net adds a lot to the décor of the room, we have a living room and dining room. We have a flushing toilet most of the time, and a big Jerry can near the shower and sink. So it’s LIKE running water, just you pour it yourself.

Didn’t do much today, because I don’t have a phone yet and haven’t been able to change money, so mostly slept.

Tomorrow is orientation, when I’ll change money, get a phone and have more idea of what’s going on.

I think that covers everything for now, not much happening yet. Looking forward to getting my stuff so that I can feast on some Tuna.

Will send an update again when I can!


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