May 292014

Until a few short hours ago it had hardly settled in that I am leaving Canada for one month to volunteer in the Philippines.  I feel the occasional pang of reality which I experience in the form of cramps in my stomach reminding me that something new and exciting is happening. Frankly, I’m still listening to CBC Radio 2 as I wait to board my connecting plane in Hong Kong to Manila and, with the exception of the sea and mountains I can see from the terminal window, I can hardly tell I’ve left Toronto airport. Unlike Toronto Pearson, the free wifi service here is glorious. I don’t trust my iPad however to endure the increasing quickness of my fingers typing this entry, watching my gate expectedly for a boarding call. For that reason I am going to end this first online journal entry now, promising that I am well and that I will write again just as soon as I can get access to the Internet again.



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